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10 reason to visit Patagonia

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10 reasons to visit Patagonia

Authentic Patagonia

Set on 100 acres lining the Fjord of Last Hope in Puerto Bories, in the surroundings of Puerto Natales, The Singular Patagonia affords guests the opportunity to experience all Chilean Patagonia has to offer - the true Patagonia. From expeditions to nearby glaciers and horseback riding on private ranches to walking tours of historic Puerto Natales and adventurous treks through famed Torres del Paine, The Singular provides guests the full spectrum of extraordinary and beautiful terrain that is Patagonia.

Vibrant history

Restored and resurrected by fourth generation family members of the original pioneers who settled the area and built the sheep farming industry more than 100 years ago, The Singular pays homage to the building’s and founders’ rich historical importance in the development of the local culture, economy and heritage. Witness century-old machinery imported from England at the turn of the 20th Century; the hotel’s restored wood dock hovering over the Fjord of Last Hope leading out to the Pacific from which ships took wool to markets all over the world; and the local customs and traditions embraced by memorabilia throughout the property.

Private access

Share the adventure of exploring unchartered territory as the pioneers did all those years ago as a team of dedicated guides takes guests to places no man has gone before – literally. The Singular Patagonia provides exclusive access to mountainous terrain not accessed by other tour companies or hotels along with nearby farms to explore on horseback and rivers to navigate by kayak. At The Singular Patagonia, you are privileged, you are different, YOU are Singular.

Full service

Despite its rustic origins, The Singular Patagonia is the epitome of modern luxury. With two-to-one sta to guest ratio, a team of dedicated, highly trained expedition guides, an award-winning culinary team and the highest quality amenities available, you will be pampered and provided for at every turn. The Singular Patagonia boasts: custom-made, hand-crafted furniture; a state-of-the-art eco-spa; the very best in food and wine; and a staff dedicated to the utmost in personalized service.

Best of both worlds

The Singular experience is indeed singular, a unique blend of the utmost in contemporary luxury combined with access to some of the most untamed territory in the world. Visit nearby attractions like the Milodon Caves and the local town of Puerto Natales where you can interact with locals to get an appreciation for the real Patagonia while having the ability to explore Torres del Paine and discover why it is one of the world’s most extraordinary national parks. At The Singular Patagonia, it is a complete experience, that of the true Patagonia.

Variety of excursions

From adrenaline addicted thrill seekers to nature-loving birdwatchers there is something for everybody at The Singular Patagonia. With over 20 different expeditions of varying degrees of di culty, you can navigate the waterways by private boat, trek pass icebergs and waterfalls within Torres del Paine, savor a sumptuous picnic lunch on a private reserve or simply stay at the hotel to improve your prowess in the kitchen with a culinary master class or gourmet olive oil tasting. No matter your mood or sense of adventure, options abound.


Only found in certain regions of the world, fjords are a natural wonder, the result of valleys formed by glacial activity, not to mention a star attraction at The Singular Patagonia. Situated directly on the Fjord of Last Hope, all 57 guest rooms have picturesque views of the rare waterway. If watching from a distance isn’t enough, you will play explorer as you navigate the twists and turns of the area Fjords aboard one of The Singular’s two high speed boats tracing its glacial origins from end to end.


Matching the richness and beauty of the building itself will be that of the dishes emerging from Chef Hernan Basso’s kitchen, further connecting guests to the region’s terrior and heritage. Locally grown ingredients, such as Patagonian hare, lamb, southamerican king crab, white strawberries, rhubarb, seaweed and Patagonian honey will tempt the palate as Chef Basso re-imagines traditional, regional recipes; fully respectful of the area’s culture and its rich byproducts. To perfectly complement the delectable dishes coming out of the kitchen, you will be able to choose from a variety of wines from each grape-growing valley of Chile.

SPA & Wellness

Surrounded by fjords, glaciers and unparalleled beauty, The Singular Spa will deliver a wellness experience inspired by the word SPA’s origin – Salut Per Aqua (‘health thru water’). Spoil yourself with a day in the 3,000 sq ft eco-SPA further connecting you to nature as organic plants and fruits are used for oil extracts and moisturizers woven into an array of pampering pleasures. The Singular is dedicated to guests’ complete therapeutic well-being as the holistic-focused SPA also features a heated indoor / outdoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room.


At The Singular Patagonia, we believe our programs should be flexible to adjust to your schedule, not the other way around. Your stay can be as long or as short as you wish for what suits your travel needs best. We have designed different programs ranging from a one-night stay to those lasting several nights. You can choose the Bed & Breakfast rate with a la carte activities and meals or simply decide to reserve our Complete Experience offering, which includes the full gastronomic experience and action packed excursions. Whichever you decide, an unforgettable and authentic Patagonia experience waits!

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