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The Singular Hotels: Reinforcement of our cleanliness and hygiene standards & new safety & health measures.

July 17th, 2020


In the COVID-19 Era, our cleaning and hygiene standards are reinforced 100% along with new sanitation, hygiene and social distancing protocols that will be implemented to preserve the health and safety of our guests, clients, and employees, who are our priority.

As a part of Leading Hotels of the world, our properties have been re-conditioned under the highest hygiene and health standards outlined in the Safe Stay Assurance protocol, implemented in more than 400 hotels worldwide.

We are getting ready to welcome guests from Chile and from all over the world soon!

Below is a description of some of the preventative measures we have implemented for operations in the Front of the house as well as Back of the house so guests and clients can feel confident when staying at The Singular Hotels.

Partnering with the cleaning world-leading expert


Hotel OperationsFront of the house


Prior to arrival

    Personal information will be requested to each guest through a form sent via email before their arrival in order to reduce contact and time at the Check-in.

    • Safety, hygiene and procedures established in THE SINGULAR CLEANLINESS COMMITMENT, based on LHW highest protocols will be delivered to guests at time of booking and then again at arrival (paper or digitally through QR code access) so that they are very clear on what is expected of them for their own safety and to also understand the mandatory requirements and latest measures directed by the Chilean Health Authorities.




    • Vehicles are completely disinfected on the handles, doors, rugs, windows, before and after every guest arrival.
    Mandatory use of masks for drivers and guests during transfers and all excursions.
    • Driver section is segregated with a transparent protected screen.
    • Guests are assigned with individual seats, so do not face each other and maintain the appropriate social distance. It will be requested of all guests to maintain the same seat in the vehicle each time they get in it.
    • For airport arrival transfers a floor sanitizer is included for shoe disinfection of guests before entering the vehicles.
    • Staff handling of guests’ luggage is minimized for maximum safety.
    • Vehicles are equipped with cleaning kits which include hand sanitizers, disposable wipes, disinfectant sprayer, individual trash bags for each guest and a vehicle trash bin with a lid to keep the discards sealed.
    Temperature of the vehicles should be running between 23 C/73.4°F and 26 C/ 78.8°F. Vehicles are ventilated every 30-minutes on a mandatory basis during transfers.
    • A every point of pick-up and drop off guests will be provided detailed information on our safety and hygiene guidelines before starting the journey.
    • A maximum of 4 passengers will be allowed in the SUV as a maximum of 2 passengers in the Sedan vehicles. In case of a larger number of guests traveling together, distribution will be reviewed.
    • In case that a guest needs to be isolated, they will be transported individually in a special vehicle. The driver will have a cleanliness kit that includes hand sanitizer, disinfectant, special mask, disposable sanitary wipes, gloves. The vehicle will be sanitized after trip completion.

    Prevention Measures implemented to Transfers and Excursions apply to services offered at The Singular Patagonia only.



      Floor Sanitizer for shoe disinfection for everybody before entering our properties.

      Mandatory Sanitation Area. Every guest and visitor to the hotel will go through the following mandatory procedures before entering the hotel: hand sanitization, mask application, temperature controls, and disinfection of clothes and luggage with potent disinfectant quaternary ammonium compound.*


    *We use a high-power and organic disinfectant sprayer able to counter all kinds of viruses and that is applicable to all kinds of surfaces. It’s harmless to humans if ingested in minimal particles by mouth, nose, eyes, skin.
    Ingredient Name CAS # % DL50
    Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (C12-C18) 68391-01-5 5-10 50 – 500 mg/kg (rata oral)
    Alkyl (68% C12, 32% C14) dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride 68956-79-6
      • In the case of group arrivals, the procedure will be carried out one by one to maintain a minimum of social distance within the Sanitization Area.

      • Disease Protocol will be activated in cases of guests registered with a temperature higher than 37.5°. (Read More at COVID-19: PROTOCOL IN CASE OF INFECTIONS DETECTED AT THE HOTEL).

      • For guests staying at The Singular Santiago more than 2 nights, personal temperature controls will be taken every 2 days.

      • Staff is required to properly use gloves for the handling of luggage.

      • All guests and staff will be required to practice social distancing protocols and clear indicators will be placed on the lobby and at the Front Desk as a reminder.



      • A protective screen on Front Desk to help curtail the spread of the virus while checking in/out or assisting our guests.

      • A portable scanner to register the necessary documentation such as passports, identity cards and the migration paper to speed up the process and to reduce at minimum the handling of personal items between staff and guests.

      • Use of disposable gloves to handling credit cards, and using disinfectant before and after use.

      Disposable disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer dispenser installed on Front Desk.

      • During Check-in procedure, guests will be able to choose to request that the hotel staff does not enter their room during their stay.

      • Staff will sanitize room keys with ultraviolet light technology prior to handing to guests.


    Elevator and Room Access

      • A maximum of 2 people will be allowed simultaneously in the elevator.

      Hand sanitizer dispensers placed inside the elevators with instructions to sanitize the elevator buttons before/ after use.

      • Hotel general information will be given to guests from the Concierge in the hallway outside of the guest room. The Concierge will leave the guest luggage outside the room, near the door, so guests can enter their luggage inside rooms themselves..



      • A transparent protective screen on the Concierge desk while assisting and providing information to our guests.

      Disposable sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer dispenser placed on the Concierge desk.

      • All the products given to guests such as maps, umbrellas, water bottles will be properly sanitized before handing them.

      • Our hygiene & cleanliness standards will be handed to the guests at their arrival and to better understand the mandatory requirements and the latest measures directed by the Chilean Health Authorities to prevent the virus.



      • To provide social distancing between guests, alternate rooms allocated, leaving one room vacant between rooms, based on occupancy.

      • Information regarding steps and precautions that are being taken to ensure guest safety will be placed and visible in rooms, throughout paper signages and digitally through QR code.

      • Guests are requested to maintain a temperature between 23 C/73.4°F and 26 C/ 78.8°F inside rooms according to the measures directed by the Chilean Health Authorities.

      Daily air ventilation of rooms will be ensured during housekeeping service.

      • To facilitate minimal contact Turndown service will be done upon guest request.

      • Guests will receive as an amenity individual packages of disinfecting wet wipes.

      • Pillows, duvets and bed toppers sanitized with ozone. Daily ventilation of rooms required after Check-out.

      • Use of a disinfectant sprayer (quaternary ammonium compound) to Room Cleaning that includes extra disinfection of all kinds of surfaces and elements such as furniture, door handles, light switches, curtain pulls, mini bar, telephone, garbage containers, glasses, faucets, knobs, toilet drain handles, hair dryers, etc.


    Common Areas

      Enhanced sanitization across guest touchpoints areas like restrooms, elevators, hotel entrances, lobby, and reception disinfecting with a quaternary ammonium spray every 20-minutes. Cleaning procedures will be focused on high-touch surfaces such as light switches, buttons, doors, tables, chairs.

      • Use of an electrostatic spraying backpack to sanitize common areas, restaurants, and high touched surfaces to increase the effectiveness of cleanliness.


    Food & Beverage

      Use of masks for guests and staff. Ensure proper usage covering the nose and mouth.

      Social Distancing: maintenance of a minimum of 1 meter between guests and staff.

      • To reduce the physical interaction between guests and staff, greetings are not allowed.

      Mandatory hand sanitizer application to guests and external visitors before entering our bars and restaurants.

      • Guests and customers will be recommended to wash their hands before entering to our restaurants.

      Menus disinfection before and after being handed to each guest.

      • Social Distancing Protocol for bars, restaurants, and meeting rooms ensure to keep a minimum of 1,5-meter distance between positions.

      Individual disposable bags with adhesive closure will be delivered to guests in order to store their masks during the meal.

      Reminder placards about social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be available to guests either in paper and digital versions through QR Code access.

      • Instead of being set at the table, plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, condiments will be served upon every a la carte service to avoid unnecessary contact.


    Breakfast Service

      • To minimize guest contact with food, breakfast will be served to each guest on an a la carte basis which includes a variety of pastries, breads, cheeses, juices, drinks, fruits, and eggs to order.

      • All the food and beverages are delivered directly from the kitchen to every guest table on individual trays and covered.

      • Staff offers and serves hot beverages directly to each guest. Cold drinks like juice or water are delivered from the kitchen to the guest tables in covered bottles to avoid cross-contamination.

      Breakfast grab-and-go service and Room Service are available for all the guests. These services must be requested the night before.


    Lunch, dinner, beverages & snacks service

    Prevention Measures apply to bars and restaurants of both properties, Santiago and Patagonia.
      A la carte service will be implemented.

      • All dishes are transported from the kitchen directly to each guest on a covered tray.

      • Communication/contact between guests and staff is reduced to a minimum.

      • Beverages are delivered from the kitchen directly to every guest table and are served directly to the glass/cup to avoid manipulation of bottles by guests.


    Room Service

      • Staff access to rooms is reduced for maximum safety.

      • Food is delivered properly packed and covered.

      • Food is left outside of each guest’s room in a trolley. Then, guests must place the trolley in the hallway outside of their room and notify the Restaurant by phone for immediate pick up to avoid unnecessary contact from another guest.



    We offer a wide variety of outdoor excursions in the natural and remoteness landscapes of Southern Patagonia.

      Temperature controls before each excursion. In the case of guests that register a temperature of 37,5° or higher, they will not be permitted to do the excursion. Disease Protocols will be implemented.

      Mandatory use of masks during all the activities. Our guides also must wear gloves.

      Individual packaged meals provided to every guest.

      • All the equipment necessary for activities such as trekking poles, bicycles, binoculars, kayaks, are sanitized before and after each use.

      • A small group of guests per excursion will be implemented to guarantee a safe distance.

      • All of our guides will have a prevention and cleanliness kit that include hand sanitizer, a thermometer, disinfectant, disposable masks replacements, disposable sanitary wipes and gloves, individual garbage bags for each guest.

      • All the activities are designed to avoid small spaces and unnecessary guest contact. During trekkings, breaks, or stops, our guides will guarantee safe distances by choosing optimal open spaces.

      • Paper materials or newspapers will not be delivered due to safety protocols. Individual sanitized pocket maps will be delivered to each guest.

      • Our cleanliness standards and terms & conditions for Excursions will be sent to each guest ahead of our services. The Declaration must be filled out before starting the activity.


    SPA, GYM & Pool

      • SPA and GYM access requires a prior reservation for both guests and external visitors.

      • Reservations will be taken through email or by phone. A completed health form is sent via email and must be filled out before the appointment.

      • Treatments sessions scheduled every 15 minutes to limit the number of people in the area. A maximum of 2 people will be allowed at the same time in the GYM.

      • The gym will be closed as long as no staff is available. Dry sauna, steam room and outdoor swimming pool will be closed till advised to open as per Chilean Health Ministry.

      Layout adjustments of furniture and exercise machines to guarantee a minimum of 1.5 meters of social distance between users.

      • SPA treatment cabins will be ventilated while not being used.

      Temperature control and use of hand sanitizer required upon admission.

      • The appointment will start once it is confirmed that the health form was filled out by the guest/visitor.

      • Hygiene and safety measures will be shared with guests on paper or digitally at SPA arrival. A sanitized locker key will be handed to each guest/visitor before the use of SPA facilities.

      • Rest Room: disposable cups available to drink consumption. Used cups should be thrown into the garbage dispenser immediately after use.

      • Sanitized and well-packaged fruits are provided. Books, newspapers, or magazine delivery will be avoided.

      • Only SPA/ GYM staff is allowed to manipulate TV and Music controls, which will be put away while not in use.

      • Hair Dryer is available upon each guest request only. And it will be sanitized before and after use.

      Hand Sanitizer dispensers installed in restrooms and common areas of GYM and SPA in order to increase the cleaning frequency: facilities will be disinfected every 1 hour.

      • During body/facial treatments, guests and customers are requested to use masks, and also when the neck or back massages are in session to reduce communication at minimum.

      • An individual tray will be provided to each guest/customer to place their personal belongings.

      • Staff must follow a hand disinfection procedure before and after every treatment.

      • Guests/customers will be requested to take a shower before starting the treatment to avoid a possible spread of the virus.

      Work-out machines are sanitized after use by GYM staff. Disposable wipes and disinfectants are available upon guest request.

      • Personalized work-out sessions will have a maximum of 1-hour duration.

      • GYM staff will provide each guest with a personal hand towel to use during the training session.

      Swimming Pool: enabled to use by a maximum of people simultaneously.


    Measures implemented at GYM apply to The Singular Santiago only.



      • The luggage will be picked up from guests’ rooms only upon request. Guests that need assistance should leave their luggage at the room entrance (outside room) to be picked up by the Concierge.

      Express-Check-out: time of departure and other details of guests check out are coordinated in advance to reduce time and to avoid overcrowding at the front desk.

      • Whenever possible, charges will be paid with the same credit card used as a guarantee given. Bills will be emailed.

      • A check-out box will be available for guests to leave their keys at Check-out. The key-container will be sanitized by staff.


    Meeting Rooms

      • Rugs, tables, chairs, and surfaces of meeting rooms are cleaned and sanitized before and after every event.

      • All the spaces are ventilated after each event. After guests leave, meeting rooms are fully sanitized with a quaternary ammonium spray.

      • Spaces to maintain a temperature between 23 C/73.4°F and 26 C/ 78.8°F as directed by the Chilean Health Authorities.

      • Additional preventive elements such as sanitizers, masks, or disposable towels will be provided when guests request it.


    Some of the preventative measures implemented in the “Back of the house”

    1. Floor Sanitizer for shoe disinfection of staff and vendors before entering our properties and vehicles.

    2. Mandatory temperature controls for associates and vendors either before entering hotels. If an associate registers a temperature of 37,5° or higher, its access to the hotel will not be allowed.

    3. Mandatory and proper use of masks as the use of gloves, goggles, and water resistance equipment across departments is applied.

    4. No more than 5 associates will be allowed within the same place simultaneously.

    5. Shifts must be staggered to avoid cafeteria crowding.

    6. A quaternary ammonium sanitizer is available in staff common areas such as elevators, offices, cafeteria, restrooms which must be cleaned at regular intervals.

    7. A maximum of 3 people will be allowed to use the elevator at the same time.

    8. Hand cleanliness instructions and social distancing norms are reinforced to our staff through posted signs and notes throughout different points at the back of the house.

    9. Mandatory use of air conditioner before, during, and after every service. The temperature must be run between 23 C/73.4°F and 26 C/ 78.8°F.

    10. Hygiene procedures, product qualities, and kitchen/ condition of equipment are regularly checked by certified companies. And verification will be complemented by the Chef on duty through daily inspections.

    11. Pool is regularly disinfected and filtered by the Maintenance Team.

    12. Maintenance Staff must put on disposable protective uniforms before access to rooms that need something to be repaired.

    13. Maintenance or housekeeping staff that need or have been requested access to guest rooms must be reassured that guests are using masks before they enter. Otherwise, they will not enter the room.


COVID-19: Protocol in case of infections detected at the hotel

In the case some of our guests are diagnosed with COVID-19, the following public health measures applied will be determined by the Chilean Health Authorities.

A specific procedure of cleaning and disinfection will be performed in the case an infected guest is registered at our properties.

For any inquiry regarding COVID-19 in Chile, please contact SALUD RESPONDE calling to 600-360-7777.



Our policies are now more flexible providing you with peace of mind as you plan your stay with us.



Our Reservation team continues to provide assistance during these challenging times.

O llamanos al +56 2 2306 8825.



Contact us

  • Our policies are now more flexible providing you with the peace of mind as you plan your stay with us.
  • Our Reservation team continues to provide assistance during these challenging times. Contac us by email to or or by calling us to +56 2 2306 8810

COVID-19: Protocol in case of infections detected at The Singular Hotels

  • Our hygiene and safety standards will be handed to the guests at their first touchpoint so that they are very clear on what is expected of them for their own health and to also understand the mandatory requirements and latest measures directed by the Chilean Authorities. In case some of our guests are diagnosed with COVID-19, and the following public health measures that are applied will be determined by the Chilean Health Authorities.
  • In case some of our guests are diagnosed with COVID-19, and the following public health measures that are applied will be determined by the Chilean Health Authorities.
  • For any inquiry regarding COVID-19 in Chile, please contact SALUD RESPONDE calling to 600-360-7777.

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