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Patagonia is one of the few breathtaking places in the world, thanks to its landscapes, culture and scenery. Icebergs floating over lakes, endless plains and condor sightings are just a few of Patagonia’s main attractions. It is currently one of the preferred destinations by Chilean and foreign tourists, who are searching for a combination of tranquillity and outdoor activities that immediately connect with the vast flora and wildlife of Patagonia.

Excursions are not booked in advance and are subject to weather conditions.


Biking around Puerto Consuelo

About 20 minutes away from the hotel are the wide fields of the Puerto Consuelo Estancia that belong to the Eberhard family, pioneers of the province who are originally from Germany. This is where we will begin to pedal. We will bike for 12 kilometers through the Patagonian steppe all the while surrounded by beautiful mountain formations, such as Mount Benítez, where the Milodon´s cave is located, the Paine Massif, and the Patagonian Andes.

Pioneer’s Hike

We will leave the hotel and head 18 kilometers north of Puerto Natales to Puerto Prat, founded in 1899 this a small rural settlement was the first town in Last Hope Province. Once we arrive we will begin our hike to Puerto Consuelo, walking along of the shore of the Eberhard Fjord.  From here we […]

Trekking Señoret 360

This hike begins at the base of Señoret Hill (4,340 feet/1.323 meters), located about 35 kilometers from the hotel near Laguna Sofia. Our hike will take us through a dense forest inhabited by diverse birds and colorful vegetation.

Horseback riding through Laguna Sofía Valley

We will depart from the hotel in the morning towards Laguna Sofia, riding horses for approx 5 hours through Lenga forests and around the lagoon, galloping for panoramic landscapes such as the Sierra Prat and the Cerro Benitez, with vertical walls where we can see condors nest views.

Trekking to the base of Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine are granite monoliths created by the outcropping of an igneous rock laccolith that has been eroded by glaciers, rivers and wind over time.

Trekking to mount Dorotea lookout

We will leave the hotel heading towards Mount Dorotea. There we will begin our trek, climbing through the beautiful landscape in this area and exploring thickets where shepherd’s needles (Romerillo) and Magellan barberry (Calafate) predominate.

Trekking to condor lookout

Sofía Lagoon (a paleolake) and Mount Benitez, a cliff replete with condor perches, are located 24 kilometers from Port Bories.

kayak Patagonian fjords

We will take a van from the hotel to the junction of the main road and the road to Sofia Lagoon, 24 kilometers from Port Natales.

Fly Fishing Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the last pristine areas in the world untouched by man. Its virgin waters start in the ice fields, which constitute the third-largest reserve of fresh water in the world.

Kayaking Puerto Bories

We will set out from the beach in front of the hotel and row through the waters of the Señoret Canal. This tour is recommendable both for first-time kayakers as well as more experienced family groups and individuals.

Horseback riding at Laguna Sofía

This is a trail ride even for beginners. It takes you around 3 hours along trails through lenga (a type of southern beech) and Antarctic beech forests.

Kayaking Eberhard fjord

We will go to the most remote and mystical place of Última Esperanza. Throughout the trip, we will contemplate the beautiful surroundings and learn about the activities of the zone.

The Water Track

This excursion is ideal for anyone who wants to see the Torres del Paine differently. We will start the tour at Lazo Ranch, located on the shores of Verde Lagoon.

Historical Museum and Industrial Puerto Bories Tour

We will learn in depth the vestiges of the industrial revolution of 1915, through several machines that gave life to th is industrial place.

Horseback riding at Puerto Consuelo

We will leave the hotel and arrive at Port Consuelo 30 minutes later. This was the first ranch in this part of the region, owned by Herman Eberhard, a German colonist and pioneer who developed the livestock business on this ranch.

Patagonian fjords cruise: Serrano and Balmaceda

We will sail through the Patagonian Fjords to the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers. The voyage affords views of colonies of cormorants and sea lions.

Cycling around Puerto Natales

We will leave by bicycle from the hotel, pedaling towards the orchards along a gravel road to the city gates. Our ride will take us along the Pedro Montt Coastal Road, rounding the edge of the Señoret Canal, which offers a spectacular view.

Puerto Natales city tour, a land of pioneers

We will begin our visit along the shores of the Señoret Canal, enjoying the beautiful landscape visited by zonal birds such as the black-necked swan.

Trekking to the Mylodon cave

Sofía Lagoon (a paleolake) and Mount Benitez, a cliff replete with condor perches, are located 24 kilometers from Port Bories. They form part of the paleontological sector home to the Mylodon Cave Natural Monument and rock paintings. Our climb will take approximately 1½ hours.

Discovering Torres del Paine National Park

In 1978, Unesco declared the Torres del Paine National Park a Biosphere Reserve. It is also the Eighth Wonder of the World. We will head northward to the Park, passing through several lookouts with breathtaking views of the Paine Massif.

Patagonian fjords cruise: Serrano and Balmaceda glaciers and “Estancia” lunch

We will set sail from the hotel towards the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park. We will see the Balmaceda Glacier en route and then land at Port Toro, from where we will take a 45-minute walk to the Serrano Glacier. Upon returning to the boat, we will see the Balmaceda Glacier en route and we will head towards the La Peninsula Ranch where a typical Patagonian lunch will be awaiting us.

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